Creation Through Frustration | when the art isn’t coming

If you're an artist, you know this inevitable feeling. You want to create, but sometimes, the art just isn't coming. You've got nothing. Zilch. Nada. Well, have I got a revelation for you. Maybe I'm the only artist that missed this important piece of info, maybe all of y'all will be like, "yeah Kate, we know", but [...]

Caffeine & Quality Reads, vol. 1

Both remnants of Thanksgiving and hints of Christmas are present in this post, as I burn my pumpkin candle whilst drinking from a red Starbucks holiday cup. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I definitely ate more than I would ever want to admit, but hey, that's why high-waisted leggings are so [...]

A Different Side Of Me: a Story of Dreams, Fears, and a Leap of Faith

Here on AbundantlyKate, I share a lot about myself. My interests, my style, my favorite beauty products - my thoughts about life, love, and growing up. But thus far, I still have yet to share the most important part of myself. At first, I was afraid to be honest, frightened by what people would think, [...]