NEW SONG | “But When I Do” Original by Kate Stedelbauer This is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. The concept was inspired by the fact that, quite frankly, I don't write about love often. It's sprinkled here and there throughout my catalogue of original music, but overall, love and relationships have never been a driving topic for me when sitting down to [...]

January 2018 ABSQ: Ashley McBryde, glitter eyeshadow, & spreading love

The first ABSQ of 2018 is here! January felt like it lasted forever (in a good way), and now we're already a couple of days into the second month of the year. All of the Valentine's Day stuff is out in the Target dollar section, and every time I walk in, I have to resist my [...]

Coffee Talk: Why You Should Stop Hating on Valentine’s Day

Don’t have a Valentine? Y’all, it’s okay. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday. Maybe that’s because I’m easily distracted by the color pink and shiny things, but who knows? When you think about it, some of the best chick flicks come out around Valentine’s Day, all the stores start selling the cutest [...]