Life Update: playing radio shows & my current favorite songs!

I'm learning more each day that dreams are manifested one step at a time. Behind every little victory is a battlefield I had to fight through. For me, that often looks like my half-highlighted to-do lists scribbled in my planner, handfuls of partially written songs, and a constant effort to feel motivated and inspired, even on [...]

playing my first band show!

This past Saturday night at Hilton Tavern was one of the best nights of my life. There's no better feeling than playing my songs live with a band to a bar full of people - and when the response is positive and the crowd actually listens, well, that's the best feeling of all. Thank you [...]

NEW COVER | “That’s The Way The World Goes Round” (John Prine)

Happy Monday friends! In place of Music Monday this week, I wanted to share this video with y'all. I did a few songs at a local open mic last week with some great musician friends, and the host was nice enough to capture and share this song. If you read my blog frequently, you might [...]

Life Update: booking gigs, getting sick, & prepping for Christmas!

I can't remember the last time I was sick - that's how infrequently it happens. But here I am, sitting in my bed at noon on a Wednesday, when I would normally be at work, trying to make this day at least semi-productive, despite my achy muscle and swollen throat. Even though I'm not feeling [...]

Music Monday: seeing John Prine LIVE!

This past Saturday night, I got to see one of my favorite artists live in concert, and left feeling incredibly inspired. Industry-renowned, Grammy-winning country and folk singer/songwriter John Prine stood on that stage, at seventy-two years old, and gave a performance that was even better than I could have imagined. The show took place in one [...]

Music Monday: a day at Aiken & Friends Music Fest!

As I write this, bundled up in my bed with my windows open, my pumpkin & marshmallow candle burning, and my Halloween socks on, I feel like fall is finally upon us here in Virginia. This past week turned out to be quite busy for me, and this coming week is going to be even [...]

Music Monday: Post-Civil Wars John Paul White + my love for Margo Price

If you love The Civil Wars, then today's Music Monday is for you. Comprised of singer/songwriters John Paul White and Joy Williams, The Civil Wars were a critically acclaimed, Grammy winning indie folk duo. In 2008, White and Williams met at a Nashville songwriting workshop where they first wrote together and the magic began. Both had [...]

Music Monday: Maren Morris LIVE & Why She Inspires Me

Y'all, there is some serious girl power in today's Music Monday. Last week, I got to see Maren Morris in concert! For those of y'all that haven't heard of her, Maren is a Texas-born country singer/songwriter that also happens to have some killer vocals. She released her first major label album, Hero, in June 2016. [...]