Music Monday: fall in love w/ The Lone Bellow

New favorite band alert, y'all! From the very first time I listened to them, I knew I was going to become a fan of The Lone Bellow. Comprised of songwriter Zach Williams (guitar, lead vocals), Kanene Donehey Pipkin (vocals, bass, and mandolin), and Brian Elmquist (guitar, vocals), the alt-country trio is carried by an Americana feel, soaring [...]

Beneath The Wave: Swimming With Anxiety

Anxiety sucks.  Sweaty palms, ragged breathing, an unfocused mind, difficulty sleeping, panic attacks, clenched muscles - all of this comes as a result of that annoying little voice in our heads that whispers, worry, worry, worry, over and over. Everyone has anxiety to one degree or another; it's part of human nature to feel uneasiness, worry, [...]

Music Monday: 3 Male Artists With Some Serious Soul

Since a very young age, I've acknowledged the fact that music with soul rivets me in a way that is too great to express. It's a feeling of emotional authenticity, heart-wrenching in the best way possible. It makes me bob my head and squint my eyes - and I'm not kidding, I actually do squint [...]

August ABSQ: summer essentials, my 20th birthday + a new Youtube video!

Isn't it crazy how times flies? It's September y'all! And that means one thing's for sure here on AbundantlyKate - a new ABSQ! If you haven't read my first ABSQ post, I'll link it here. This is my take on monthly favorites. Each month, I will write about my new favorite album, a beauty product [...]

AbundantlyKate is changing

Y'all. AbundantlyKate is changing. Firstly, as y'all can see, the site got a lil makeover! I hope everyone likes it as much as I do. Because I think it's fab. Anyway... AbundantlyKate is changing because Kate has changed. As some of y'all may know if you've read my other posts, I am a singer/songwriter currently [...]