NEW SONG: “Boy Named Sunday” | Original by Kate Stedelbauer

Here’s a new song for y’all! We finally got the editing done on this video, and I’m so excited to share it.

I love songwriting because I love to tell stories, and this is probably one of the most “story” songs I’ve written so far. Somehow, the idea for a song about a boy named Sunday popped into my head one day, and from there this magical story just kind of wrote itself. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted the message of Sunday’s story to be when I started writing – it revealed itself after I had written all of the verses about Sunday’s life, after I had worked out the song’s structure, melodies, and flow. A lot of songwriters would probably say that it’s unconventional to not know exactly what you’re writing about when you start something new, but I’ve found that some of my best songs come that way. 

I know this song is a little bit wordy and longer than average, but I really wanted to make sure I told Sunday’s story completely. It took me a while to get all of the details exactly how I wanted them, but now that I feel satisfied, I hope y’all will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Be sure to read the lyrics below so you can follow Sunday along his journey!

Much love friends – enjoy. 


once there was a boy named Sunday, he lived right down the street

had a golden heart that the devil’d been chasing since the earth had touched his feet

Sunday lived in a double-wide prison, dodging bottles ‘fore he knew his name

but momma still cried the day daddy died and a few folks came

just as all of the town suspected, he shot up tall and strong

seventeen like a Redwood tree and a Haggard song

he never knew quite what to say but he told the truth and didn’t complain

and he’d wash his truck even when it rained

oh, Sunday


well Sunday lived for Saturday nights

the other boys shot pool, he was plying moonlight

and then he’d light a smoke under the longleaf pines

and he drove momma to church on Sunday


well pretty eyes and late night drives he’d never met one like her

who talked too much and called his bluff and changed his world

and in the fall of 55 they were graced with a baby girl

and Sunday cried the day she arrived and the whole town heard


well Sunday lived for Saturday nights

front porch dancing with the loves of his life

he’d worked all day to pay the price

but he still woke up early on Sunday


through Sunday’s years of fixing gears and lifting heavy loads

his soul grew worn and weathered like those country roads he drove

and like all those nights he spent spinning straw to strands of gold

he’s proof that where you come from don’t decide where you will go


well Sunday passed when he was 89

in a rocking chair drinking homemade wine

well the sky was gold over the mountainside

and when the preacher started talking, the whole town cried


well he said Sunday lived for Saturday nights

he was a gentle man of an iron might

and for the love of living and Jesus Christ

he still got to church on Sunday

well Sunday lived for Saturday nights,

with careful hands, he built a life

and for the love of living and Jesus Christ

well he still got to church on Sunday

still got to church on Sunday

© 2018 Kate Stedelbauer. All rights reserved.


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