Music Monday: Kacey Musgraves’ GOLDEN HOUR

 It has been a HOT MINUTE since I published a Music Monday. But here I am!

One of my favorite artists and most prominent songwriting influences, Kacey Musgraves, released her third album last week, and of course I had to write about it. I’ve been waiting for Golden Hour for what feels like forever!

Golden Hour (photo credit via Kacey Musgraves Twitter)

Right off the bat, this record takes on a very different vibe than the Dimestore Cowgirl Kacey we know and love. In interviews leading up to the album, Kacey described it as Neil Young-inspired, and “trippy”. I hear Neil’s influence immediately in the opening track, “Slow Burn” – my favorite song from the album – and in the title track “Golden Hour”. She definitely pushed herself with chord choice and progression structures on this record, which I love. The sound in its entirety feels very atmospheric, tapping into that trippy-ness Kacey referenced. I think of it as a “floating on a cloud” type of feeling, especially in tracks like “Space Cowboy” and “Oh, What A World”. And element of retro pop (and some disco!) is added in to the mix as well, coming through in “High Horse” and “Velvet Elvis”. However, we do get a taste of that signature Kacey songwriting we’ve known from the beginning in “Love Is A Wild Thing”, a sweet tribute to the complexities and power of love. Overall, I love the new sound she adopted for this record, and I’ll always appreciate her buttery melodies and lyrical honesty.

However, I must say that though I will always love Kacey, Golden Hour is definitely not a favorite of mine. I love tracks like “Slow Burn”, “Space Cowboy”, and “Golden Hour”, but I’ve also found myself pretty underwhelmed by quite a few others on this album. I feel indifferent about “Lonely Weekend” and “Wonder Woman”, and “High Horse” honestly just doesn’t do anything for me. However, as an artist myself, I totally respect and support the growth and change every artist goes through. Compared to Kacey’s past, Golden Hour is hardly a country album, but that’s okay, because Kacey is following her artistic impulses authentically and has crafted such a unique sound and message for herself in this third chapter. I will forever admire her incredible artistry and courage to be herself in everything she does. No matter where she goes, I will be listening to Kacey through every twist and turn.

(photo credit MCA Nashville)

Thank you for reading! If you give Golden Hour a try, feel free t leave a comment with your thoughts on the album. I’d love to hear!

Much love y’all, and happy listening. 


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*header photo credit: Kelly Christine Sutton via VarianceMagazine*

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