a babble on persistence

Be persistent. 

I’ve been repeating this to myself and pushing myself earnestly in the direction of persistence for probably a year now, becoming increasingly more aggressive as I go. Pursuing my career requires an insanely high level of persistence that I’m not sure I was prepared for going in. Writing songs? That takes persistence, especially when I’m feeling uninspired. Practicing? Ugh, SO MUCH FREAKING persistence! And booking gigs – I’ve found that booking gigs take the most persistence of all. If I had a dollar for all the emails I send (and I know I don’t even send enough) that I never get replies to, or calls that end in “I can take your number and let them know you called!” well, I could make a whole new job out of the simple pursuit of show dates.

But in spite of the headache and hopelessness persistence can bring on, friends, let me tell you about those sweet moments in which persistence pays off. 

I had one the other day. I’d been pursuing a gig at a local restaurant that does quite a lot of music throughout their season. I called to find out who I should talk to, taking the communication steps there after, hoping to hear back, following up every few weeks or so, and just when I began to settle in to this cycle of uselessness and waiting, it happened. A reply! A gig offer – multiple gig offers actually! Yes yes yes! My heart sang that morning.

This may sound naive and trivial to some more *seasoned* musicians, especially ones who play out for a living, but let me tell ya, the feeling of my persistence finally coming through as I finally obtained what I was working desperately for is a feeling that I refuse to downplay. Last March, I didn’t know the first thing about how to get gigs, and I’m still struggling to figure it out a little more every day, so little victories like this mean the most. A small hill in the eyes of some, but a mountaintop for me.

So I say all of this to remind y’all and myself: whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re pursuing –

be persistent.

Be persistent.

Be persistent. 

Don’t let the grind get you down. Your mountaintops are on the horizon. 

Have a fab weekend, friends! Much love. 


LISTEN TO MY NEW SONG: “Vinegar & Time”

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