Life Update: career success, publishing my newsletter, & anxiety

Every few months or so, life gets just busy enough for me to go MIA from the blogosphere. Most of the time this is actually a good thing, because it means I’m busy enough with music stuff that it takes priority over pretty much everything else – which is the longterm goal anyway! However, I do want to apologize that I haven’t kept up with AbundantlyKate content the way I’d like to.

Today, I want to update y’all on how things are going with my career, as well as my personal life. I’m a member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), and recently I’ve been seeing a lot of success from some of the opportunities I’ve been taking through my membership. I submitted a song to an online pitch earlier this month, which means that a representative from a publishing company in Nashville listens to each song pitched and takes copies of the ones they’re interested in hearing again. Out of 50 songs pitched, they took 9 and my song was one of them! Which feels really really good. I also recently got recognized by NSAI as “One-To-Watch” a title they give the members that they feel are exhibiting strong songwriting ability and could have promising futures in the industry. I was thrilled to hear this, as being recognized will further my exposure and notoriety as a songwriter within the NSAI community, and beyond!

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.36.19 PM
it felt really good to see this posted on the NSAI site – yay!

I’ve been covering all of this info, plus more, in my monthly newsletter I started publishing at the beginning of January. I’ve actually had a lot of fun creating it, and I would love for y’all to join my mailing list if you’re interested! You’ll receive an email or two each month with updates about my career, upcoming gigs, new videos, and more, conveniently all in one place. Click here if you’d like to join –  I’d love to have you! 

Other than all of that, I’ve been grinding away at the usual – pursuing gigs, practicing, trying to write (though some say writer’s block is a myth), growing my Instagram following (ps FOLLOW ME), and starting back up YouTube again! I finally feel like we have a good enough system that I can deliver quality videos while shooting at home, so stay tuned! If you haven’t heard my most recent song, check it out here. My goal right now is to consistently upload a new video every other week, so be sure to subscribe if you have a YT account.

listen to the full song here 

Through all of this, I have to admit that I’ve definitely been having some anxiety flare-ups in recent weeks. I’m very easily stressed and I tend to overthink a lot, and so the combination of the daily music grind with my day job and other personal shenanigans has got me feeling pretty anxious lately. Some days it’s difficult to move forward with my to-do list because I just feel like there’s so much to get accomplished, and sometimes my emotional endurance just doesn’t feel up to the challenge. However, I’ve found that through all of this anxiety and stress, I’ve been praying a lot more and really trying to focus on God’s plan and His purpose for me. It’s times of uncertainty that create an urgency within me to run to God and give it all to Him, and I think that’s what I’ve been learning to do a lot in the past few weeks. If you’ve been feeling anxious, just remember to breathe and take things day-by-day. It’s all going to be okay in the end. 

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

I’ll talk to y’all again soon. Much love.


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