January 2018 ABSQ: Ashley McBryde, glitter eyeshadow, & spreading love

The first ABSQ of 2018 is here! January felt like it lasted forever (in a good way), and now we’re already a couple of days into the second month of the year. All of the Valentine’s Day stuff is out in the Target dollar section, and every time I walk in, I have to resist my urge to BUY ALL THE THINGS…all the pink, sparkly, unnecessary things. 

Anyway, keep reading if you want to know about my most-listened-to album, fave beauty product, and other loves from the month of January. Enjoy!

January 2018 ABSQ (Album. Beauty. Style. Quote.)

Album: Jalopies & Expensive Guitars, Ashley McBryde 

ashley ep
Jalopies & Expensive Guitars (2016)

I’ve been listening to this album, Jalopies & Expensive Guitars, pretty frequently in the last month or so. Ashley McBryde has become one of my new favorite country singers, embodying the spirit of the genre through her catchy hooks and soulful lyrics, while avoiding the pop-country sound that the industry has adopted over the last ten years. She’s set to release her new record, Girl Going Nowhere, in March, and I am so beyond excited. In a world of muscle-y country boys singing about trucks and beer, Ashley McBryde is the strong female voice needed to disrupt the mainstream formula while still maintaining a quintessential country sound that will be popular with both pop-country and traditional country fans. Read my Music Monday about her here.

Beauty: Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’m wearing the shade Smoldering Satin

I’d been on the hunt for some sparkly eye makeup to wear for my shows when I discovered this little guy. Easy to apply, blend-able, and marvelously glittery with minimal fallout, this product is the bomb.com. I pop this on the inner half of my lids when I’m doing my full-glam makeup, adding a gorgeous shimmer to my whole look.

Style: my favorite fashion blogs

If you’re an OG AbundantlyKate reader, then you know that this blog started out as a fashion blog. Style is a huge passion of mine, and so much of my confidence comes from feeling good in what I’m wearing and emulating my personality through my clothing. Today, I wanted to quickly showcase two of my favorite fashion blogs, from which I take a lot of style inspiration.

sarah belle
Sarah Belle 

Sarah Belle actually started out as a YouTuber, and has founded her blog in the last year. I’ve been watching her videos for a while now, so I was really excited to hear that she would be showcasing her fun style in the blogosphere! She’s very bohemian – lots of Free People and Show Me Your Mumu. She recently moved to Nashville, TN, shooting her posts in some of the city’s coolest locations. Her outfits are always so exquisitely styled and her photos are gorgeous.

Family Lifestyle Portrait
Simply Audree Kate

Simply Audree Kate was actually one of the first sites I discovered when I started AK. Audree is a NYC-based fashion stylist, consultant, and editor who documents her own rad fashion sense and super cool career on her blog. She incorporates a lot of thrifted/vintage pieces into her looks, which I love (biiiig vintage gal over here), and gives her readers a peek into her exciting life in the world of fashion.

Quote: 1 John 4:19


I felt that this verse was appropriate as we go into February. Right now I’m actually doing the She Reads Truth Song of Songs study, all about God’s design for love between humans, as well as spiritual love between us and Christ. I think this verse is a nice reminder when thinking about love, because it reinforces the fact that we were created through love, by love, and for love. We are designed to love other people, to fall in love with one special person, and to receive the love of Jesus who gives us those desires in the first place. In a world filled with so much hate, it can be really easy to forget that humanity is rooted in love, and that it is sometimes far better to set aside your differences for the sake of spreading love to someone who needs it. After all, God is love above all else. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this month’s ABSQ! I always have fun touching on different things I’ve been loving and sharing little bits of encouragement with y’all. Be sure to check out Ashley McBryde’s record, and treat yourself to some glittery eyeshadow because, well, why not? 

Much love, and Happy February! 

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