Music Monday: First Aid Kit’s new record + the blog turns 2!

I’m all about powerful women in the music industry. From Dolly Parton to Miranda Lambert to Demi Lovato, there’s a strong female presence in the business that’s growing rapidly. This Music Monday, we’re talking about Swedish duo First Aid Kit and their newest album, Ruins. Gaining their fame through their YouTube cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes, the sisters are now taking the global music scene by storm, one harmony at a time. 

Sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg of Enskede, Sweden began singing together when they were young girls. Discovering the music of Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, and many other folk/Americana icons, the sisters followed their creative instincts and consequently started writing their own music. Now its eleven years, a few albums, and three million Spotify listeners later, and the indie-folk duo just dropped their fourth record, Ruins, on January 19th.

Klara (left), Johanna (right) – photo by Neil Krug

I discovered First Aid Kit a year or so ago after seeing a YouTube video of their performance of their song “Emmylou” for Emmylou Harris at the 2015 Polar Music Prize award ceremony. Being a lover of Emmylou Harris myself, this song instantly captured my attention. The duos’ seamlessly blended harmonies paired with their nostalgic Americana sound make them hard to ignore. I’m a sucker for pedal steel.

Since then, I’ve gradually gotten more into their music, especially the Ruins lead single, “It’s A Shame”. Upon hearing that song, I became very excited for the release of the full record.

After listening to Ruins just a handful of times since it dropped on Friday, I’ve identified quite a few favorite tracks. “It’s A Shame” is easy to like at first listen – a lighthearted lyric carried by the duos’ signature harmonious, sing-along chorus. It’s an immediate hit. “Postcard”, a bouncing tune rooted in classic Americana and pedal steel bliss, and “To Live A Live”, a gentle ballad lamenting unfinished-yet-unmanageable love, are two of my other favorites. I’ve also really enjoyed “Hem of Her Dress” – it gives me very “Hey Jude” vibes.


However, I think what I like about FAK, more than anything, is their style. Their music is pretty simple both lyrically and melodiously, but it’s the way they deliver their songs that makes them stand out. I often feel that the majority of indie-folk music sounds alike, as does most middle ground music in any genre, but I think FAK rises above the crow. Their unique vocals, bright sound, and 70s-inspired image all attribute to the individuality of their band. I can absolutely hear the influence of Emmylou Harris, whom they credit to be a huge musical inspiration, and I also get some serious Stevie Nicks vibes from their overall vintage feel.

photo credit here

If you’re an Americana/folk fan, you definitely need to get First Aid Kit in your vocabulary. It’s evident that the passion these talented young women have for their craft cannot be shaken, and at only 25 and 27, I cannot wait to see where their path will lead them in the future.

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s Music Monday. I would also like to share that today marks two years of AbundantlyKate! It still feels like yesterday, my eighteen year old self getting the crazy idea to start a blog in the middle of my senior year. AK has been through a lot of changes since then, and I’m so thankful for the progress I’ve made. Growing into a passionate writer and a driven young woman, this blog has shifted with me throughout the last two years, reflecting who I am authentically and abundantly. Thank you to everyone who reads, likes, comments, and follows! Y’all make my work worth while.

Here’s to another year of AbundantlyKate, friends. Much love. 

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