Motivation & Inspiration: 3 Things I Do To Build Myself Up

As I write this, soft snow is falling in my little Virginia town, She & Him Christmas is playing in the background, and I am resting after a busy, but successful week. It’s so nice to feel my work paying off, and that is the inspiration for this post. I’ve been striving extra hard recently to make progress and move forward in my career, and tonight I wanted to share with y’all a couple of things I’ve been doing to motivate, inspire, and push myself each day.

Motivation & Inspiration: 3 Things I Do To Build Myself Up 

  1. I have short, memorable quotes posted around my room

I’m all for inspirational quotes, but I’ve found that the most motivating ones are short, concise, and repeatable. It’s one thing to have some long, heartfelt quote hanging on your wall – that’s great! However,  I’ve found it most effective to choose easy phrases and post them where I will see them. This way, I’m constantly getting that little dose of encouragement, affirmation, and kick I need to keep chipping away at whatever it is I’m working on, and since they’re short, I can easily remember and repeat them to myself whenever I am feeling discouraged. I have a couple taped on my computer because I am on my Mac constantly, as well as on my desk and closet door.

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I talked about this quote in my November ABSQ – give it a read!

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2. I began waking up earlier 

I know what you’re thinking – Kate, how does waking up earlier build you up? I know it sounds crazy, but waking up earlier has really help with my time management, productivity, and ultimately, belief in myself to be successful. I recently started getting out of bed at 6:30 (almost) every morning, and just that extra hour I have now has made all the difference in my mood and stress levels. I drink my coffee, I do my Bible study, I go over my to-do list, and even check a few things off if I can! I’ve also started getting my workouts done in the mornings instead of the early evenings, which has consequently helped me focus all of my energy on my work throughout the afternoon, without having to break for a workout at 5:30. I’ve just felt so productive and energized since I started waking up earlier, and each night I go to bed feeling accomplished and deserving of rest. It’s definitely something you have to ease into, but I highly recommend y’all give it a try. (Disclaimer: please do, however, make sure you’re getting enough rest in general. When I’m out late at gigs, I do give myself leniency on that 6:30 wake-up time so that I for sure get my seven hours of sleep.)

3. I started a gratitude journal 

I actually got this tip from a local pastor. She told me that every night, she thinks of three things she is grateful for, one always being something she’s grateful for about herself. Sounds easy, right? However, she said that if she had a particularly self-criticizing, low self-esteem day, all three things have to be about herself. Well, I decided to give this a try, and record my three things in a journal each night. To my surprise, it’s kind of difficult to think of three unique, non-cliche things to be thankful for each night. That’s why this practice has been so beneficial – it allows me to gain a broader perspective on my day, even the ones that aren’t so great. The best thing, however, is when I have to list things about myself that I’m grateful for. It forces me to acknowledge my progress, my victories, my work ethic, and all of the other good things about myself, which is especially necessary on days that I beat myself up about not doing enough or being enough. If you’re going to try any of my tips, definitely try this one – you’ll thank yourself later.

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Friends, I truly do hope y’all try these practices out and find them helpful. Every day can’t be perfectly productive, but striving for progress through days of frustration is productivity within itself. Always remember that you can do it, and you are enough. 

Much love, and happy holidays!

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