November ABSQ: new vinyl, The Gypsy Fawn jewelry + mini talk on motivation

Yesterday morning, I sat down at the kitchen table, laptop in tow, to edit some blogs, and it hit me:

Today is December 1st. 

I know I say this at the beginning of every month, but seriously: Christmas time this year feels like it showed up in a flash. The leaves were yellow and orange, it was pumpkin spice galore in every grocery store and coffee shop – but now, BOOM – Christmas is everywhere. 

And with this realization, I also realized that it’s time for my November ABSQ, recapping my favorites for the month in the formula of Album, Beauty, Style, Quote. Keep reading if you want to find out what they are! 

November ABSQ

Album: my new vinyls! 


Though I usually share one specific album in each ABSQ, today I wanted to show y’all the new vinyl records I got over Thanksgiving break! We went down to Alabama to visit family for the holiday, and my music-loving aunt took me to one of the awesome local record shops. Here’s my haul (left to right):

Joni Mitchell For The Roses, Joni Mitchell Mingus, Elvis How Great Thou Art, Emmylou Harris Evangeline, Carole King Tapestry

My sweet aunt insisted on buying Tapestry for me (it’s been on my vinyls-to-own list for a while), and she also surprised me with Mingus. I’m also quite happy that I finally purchased my first Elvis record!

Beauty: Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil 


This stuff is amazing. With the cooler weather arriving, I’ve been trying to keep up with taking care of my hands, especially because of the amount of time I spend playing guitar. This stuff is hydrating without being overly slick; it absorbs quickly and smells incredible. This little bottle would be a great stocking-stuffer!

Style: The Gypsy Fawn jewelry 


I am in love with The Gypsy Fawn jewelry! I discovered it at one of my favorite shops in Alabama, Southern Trash, and I’ve picked up two pieces from TGF since then. The designer and owner, Ashley Massey, creates beautifully unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that you’ll never want to take off. There are only a few of each piece, all handmade by Ashley herself. My parents actually gifted me with the earrings pictured above, and when I shared them on Instagram, Ashley responded and said I got the last pair! I had been eyeing them for a while, so that was definitely luck! I think they will be perfect for holiday performances and New Years Eve. Below, I’m also showing y’all the Nashville Dreamer necklace I purchased a few months ago – the name and the little guitar charm are simply perfect for me.



Nov ABSQ quote.jpg

I know, at first read, this quote doesn’t sound very inspirational. If anything, it actually triggers self-doubt and insecurity. Lofty goals? Unwavering confidence? Those two things sound so daunting, so big, when you think about them. However, the very phrase “lofty goals, unwavering confidence” has been continuously repeating in my mind since I first read it in Ari Herstand’s book about the music business. I’ve found that repeating this phrase to myself whenever I am feeling discouraged really helps me get my mind on the right track and my eyes back on the horizon. It pushes me to shoot higher, dig deeper, and believe in myself as a musician, as a business woman, and as a girl who so desperately wants to make her dreams a reality. 

Today, I want y’all to ask yourselves: Do you have lofty goals? Are you pursuing unwavering confidence? Because you should be. It isn’t as scary as it seems; if anything, it actually becomes more motivating over time, because with every little success you have, every milestone you achieve, you can feel yourself moving closer to your lofty goals and becoming more confident as you go. And that, my friends, is the best feeling of all.

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post! Stay tuned for my new Music Monday (going live on Monday, lol), and take a peek at my social media below. Much love, and happy December! 

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