check out my Spotify playlists + new mini cover!

If there’s one thing I love most about this new age of digital music, it’s making playlists. 

The possibilities are simply endless. There are playlists centered around specific genres, certain time periods of music, moods and feelings, subject matter, etc. – literally any category you can imagine, you can probably find a playlist for somewhere on Spotify – or better yet, you can just make you own!

Once I joined Spotify, the way I listened to music totally changed. All of a sudden, I had entire catalogues of music from my favorite artists at my fingertips. I pay $10 a month for Spotify premium (aka, no ads, downloading capabilities) and it is fantastic. I highly recommend getting Spotify if you haven’t yet!

Anyway, the point of this post is for me to share some of my newest/favorite Spotify playlists that I’ve created with y’all. As some of y’all may know if you’re a regular AbundantlyKate reader, I’m a country singer/songwriter, so the majority of my music tastes center around the country, bluegrass, and Americana genres. Below, I’ll share with y’all a couple of the playlists I’ve put together. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to follow them so you can stay updated when I add new material! I hope y’all enjoy : )


The latest women of country that you need to listen to! This playlist includes some of my favorites, such as Kacey Musgraves, Lillie Mae, and more. I think all of these modern artists, some well-known and others up-and-coming, represent what country music is and where it came from. Give it a listen!


Sometimes, I just want to listen to sad country songs and cry. This playlist will do that for you. Consisting of old favorites like George Jones and Dolly Parton, combined with modern starlets like Miranda Lambert, this playlist will for sure get you in your feels.

songwriting magic

If you’re someone who pays close attention to the lyrics and the meaning of a song, this playlist was made for you. Being a songwriter myself, the words have always mattered the most to me, and this playlist showcases some of the songwriters that have inspired me to do what I do.

Folky + Blue 

A more extensive playlist of mine, Folky + Blue is a collection of some of my favorite folk, Americana, and bluegrass music. From The Lumineers to Mandolin Orange to John Paul White, I’ve added a quite a variety of artists that you are sure to hear something you’ll love.

Past + Present Women Of Country

This is one of my favorite playlists I’ve made! From retro country queens like Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris, to Shania Twain, to Carrie Underwood, this playlist showcases a wide variety of female country artists throughout the history of the genre, and trust me, it’s such a jam.

I hope y’all enjoy listening to these playlists as much as I enjoyed making them! Be sure to follow them to stay up to date on new songs being added.

Also, I wanted to share my new mini cover video with y’all! I post all of my mini covers over on my Instagram, so give me a follow if you want to catch them regularly! Here’s a snippet from one of my favorite old songs, Glen Campbell’s “Gentle On My Mind” – hope y’all enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all, happy listening, and as always, much love. 

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