NEW Original Song: “Off The Record”

Hey y’all, here’s a new original song for ya! 

Though all of my songs are personal, this one feels especially vulnerable because I wrote it as a reflection on the phrase “off the record”, representing all of the things that we don’t want others to know about us. I think at some point in everyone’s lives, we experience things that we wish we could keep “off the record”. Whether it be choices we’ve made, ghosts in our pasts, our failures and insecurities, or anything at all that we feel the need to hide, everyone has something they want to bury. And what’s worse, to deal with our hardships, so many of us act like everything is fine even when it’s not – because that’s easier than acknowledging the pain we feel. We stuff our secrets into drawers and underneath beds, and yes, some of us even cry on the bathroom floor. But perhaps the greatest fallacy in all of this is that we allow ourselves to believe that we’re the only ones going through these difficult times, that no one else could possibly understand. If you’re feeling this, please know – you are not alone. You have never been alone. You will never be alone.

 This song is for you. 

LYRICS: (note – I’ve changed a couple minor lines here and there since this was recorded, so here are the official lyrics)


off the record, her momma used to drink

off the record, sometimes she sees a shrink

everyone’s a poet when they tell you what they think

so on the record, she smiles and she waves

like a beauty queen she’s always on that stage

but when a coffee shop psychologist asks her about her day

she don’t know what she’s supposed to say


so she’ll lie

pump her well until it’s dry

she can’t let them see her cry, so she tries

to always be the strong one all the time

but don’t you worry, she’s just fine


off the record, his dreams ain’t gone too far

just tryna make bricks out of paychecks and tip jars

to build a castle for the princess riding back seat in his car

says he don’t care what they say but they’ll tell him anyway


and he’ll just lie tip his glass until it’s dry

cause God forbid a man can cry so he tries

to always be the strong one all the time

but don’t you worry, he’s just fine


and I know you won’t say it’s true, the only one you fool is you

and I know you can’t stand up to the ghost that’s walkin’ in your shoes

those skeletons you’re hiding,

those mountain trails you’re climbing

you’re just lying

like we all do


off the record, I stash things in my drawers

cause I can’t get rid of ’em but I can’t look at ’em no more

cause I’ve rung my heart out dry and I’ve wept on my bathroom floor

full disclosure ain’t too modest but I’m just being honest


when I lie

pump my well until it’s dry

cause I can’t let them see me cry, so I try

to always be the strong one all the time

we can’t be strong all the time

and that’s just fine


© 2017 Kate Stedelbauer. All rights reserved.

I really hope y’all enjoy this song. I absolutely love performing it. Be sure to give it and thumbs up on Youtube, share, and subscribe!

Much love, and thank you for listening. 



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