Music Monday: Margo Price’s NEW ALBUM

Happy Monday y’all!

After taking a week off, I’m back on the Music Monday grind to talk about one of my favorite artists’ new album!


This last Friday, October 20th, country singer/songwriter Margo Price released her sophomore record, All American Made. I was ecstatic when she dropped the release date for this album; I’m such a fan of her debut LP, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, that I couldn’t wait to hear more Margo. Her retro country sound matched with her crooning soprano voice (that’s been compared to Loretta Lynn herself) constitute quite a unique pair, and accompanied by her lyrics, make her a triple threat. Whether it be her family’s problems growing up, her struggles in the music business, or more personal hardships that most would keep to themselves, Price writes about the twists and turns of her life with frankness and honesty. Her music makes you feel like you know her like a good friend. This is evident on Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, and it becomes clear immediately that Price is keeping that same sense of integrity going strong with All American Made.


After listening through it multiple times, I feel that this record showcases a different side of Margo. Though the truthfulness of her words and the authenticity of her sound remain the same, her subject matter has shifted, as she reflects on the dilemmas of today. “All American Made” and “Pay Gap” are the record’s most obvious political demonstrations, contemplating the future of our nation and the ever-present issue of gender equality and equal pay between the sexes. I think that is something to be admired and celebrated – a woman that remains true to her opinions and presents them through her craft. Though some of Price’s beliefs seem to be a bit more left-leaning than mine are personally, to be a female living during a time in which this is socially acceptable is empowering. My grandmothers did not get to experience this; my mother was a young woman when American feminism really progressed and radicalized as a woman’s role in the home was questioned and female presence in the work force continued to increase. For me to sit her as a twenty year old young woman myself and listen to a female singer/songwriter whom I admire so much sing her opinions and beliefs with such rectitude is something to be applauded.


So far, I’ve found that my favorite songs are “Weakness” (live performance below), “Wild Women”, and “Heart of America”. Her delivery is fabulous – you can hear the grit and veracity and passion in her voice as she sings. This record also features a duet with country royalty Willie Nelson (“Learning to Lose”), which is such a treat. Though I think I still enjoy Midwest Farmer’s Daughter a little more than this new album, it’s fun to watch an artist I love grow and change and progress in her sound, songwriting, and subject matter. She’s such a strong female representative of what retro/alt country is today, and I  am continually inspired by the words she writes and the vigor she conveys through her music.

margo and willie .jpg
Margo and Willie

If you’re a fan of the honest songwriting and authentic sounds associated with classic country music, you’ll love Margo Price. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Have you listened to All American Made? What is your favorite song? Leave a comment below!

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s Music Monday. As always, much love and happy listening. 


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