NEW Original Song: “Take Me Down”

Hi friends – happy Tuesday! 

I’m popping on to the blog today share my new YouTube video with y’all real quick. My goal is to upload a live acoustic performance of my original songs every other week. This week is “Take Me Down”, a southern gospel-inspired song about my perspective on faith, forgiveness, and everything in between.

I hope y’all enjoy, and please give me a “like” if you do!



she gave her life to Jesus, she was 6 years old, at least that’s what she told her momma

it’s funny what we think we know before we’re grown

and drinkin’ ain’t the problem, it’s the hand that pours,

that’s what my daddy always told me

and a humbled man’ll reap every grain he sows

it ain’t a checklist, it ain’t some qualifying test

to weed out the sinners and worship the saints

so give your holy rollin’ a rest


and take me down to the sound of forgiveness

take me down to the little stone church at the edge of town

or we don’t even gotta go that far, we can sing right here at the local bar

just take me down, take me down, take me down


and some folks chase unfailing grace by paying their prosperity

how many checks can you toss in that offering tray?

cause sittin’ in the front pew every sabbath day ain’t some kind of insurance policy

ain’t about what you give, it’s about what you take away

it ain’t a competition there ain’t no county fair grand prize

we’re all on the same wire two feet from the fire and the devil’s tryna cut up the line


and you can call me bat-crazy but I believe in things that I can’t see,

even when the devil’s hanging’ ’round

take me down, take me down, take me down


© 2017 Kate Stedelbauer. All rights reserved.


Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts!

Thanks for listening, and as always, much love. 

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