Music Monday: The Wild Reeds + my new guitar!

For me, lyrics are such an important part of music. However, some people, like my dad for example, focus more on the musical structure/melodies of a song, and less on the words being sung. A song could be lyrically very simple, but if it’s musically complex, it has the same effect as a instrumentally simple song that is carried by strong lyrics. But when you have music that has the perfect balance of both – well, then that’s just magic.

In the case of this fabulous female-fronted group, The Wild Reeds create magic.

(photo cred here) Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva, Mackenzie Howe

Their music is both musically complex and lyrically satiating, a Lumineers-esque sound carried by dazzling harmonies. Based out of Los Angeles in 2014, the group is made up of Kinsey Lee, Mackenzie Howe, Sharon Silva, Nick Jones, and Nick Phakpiseth. Identified as an Americana indie folk band, they’ve released two full albums,  Blind and Brave (self-released, 2014), and The World We Built (2017, Dualtone). I first discovered them after watching their NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert on Youtube. I was really taken by the three female leads harmonizing together, as well as the vibe of their sound and how they presented themselves stylistically. I’ve listened to both of their LPs, and I’ve concluded that my favorite songs so far are “Where I’m Going” , “Capable”, “Fall To Sleep” (this one is super cool!) and “Only Songs”. If you like the feel of The Lumineers, the harmonizing of First Aid Kit, and that classic Americana style, you’ll love The Wild Reeds.

The Wild Reeds performing at their Tiny Desk Concert
(photo cred here)

In other news, I want to show y’all my new guitar! 

I am now the proud owner of a Taylor GS Mini. It’s actually a total blessing that I came to acquire such an awesome instrument. It was a gift from my dad’s good friend, Chris, when he and his sweet wife, Pam, came to visit a few weeks ago. I am so grateful to him for his generosity, and I know this guitar will be put to great use. He took the pick guard off for personal preference, which is fine with me! It’s such a beautiful instrument and I cannot wait to discover the songs within it.


Well y’all, I hope this second week of October blesses you with plenty of pumpkins, pretty autumn weather, and of course, some great music.

Much love, and happy listening. 


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