September ABSQ: The Lone Bellow, fall manicures, + my first live radio interview!

In what feels like the blink of an eye, September is over, and the temperatures here in VA have (slowly) started to drop into autumn weather. It’s officially fall, y’all! And the end of the month means one thing here on AbundantlyKate – my September ABSQ, recapping my favorite music, products, and inspiration for the month. I intended to get this post up last week, but evidently, life got busy in a really good way! Shameless plug – I actually had the privilege of being interviewed and performing live on the radio for the first time! I’ll link it here if you want to see the Facebook live video – I performed a track off of my EP, Mississippi, as well as a newer original. Please take a second to check it out ❤

(pumpkin photo credit here)

Now, let’s talk about my monthly favorites! 

Album: Walk into a Storm, The Lone Bellow

walk into a storm

I actually just wrote about The Lone Bellow earlier this week on Music Monday, and it’s safe to say that Walk into a Storm is definitely my favorite album for the month. If you’re a fan of Nathaniel Rateliff, Lake Street Dive, NEEDTOBREATHE, and even The Lumineers, you should give this group a listen. You’ll find yourself tapping your feet and singing along to tracks like “Is It Ever Gonna Be Easy” and “Time’s Always Leavin’ “ in no time!

Beauty: my go-to fall nail color –  Totally Toffee by Revlon


Funny enough, this was actually my go-to nail polish last fall as well. Once you find your color, it’s hard for anything else to top it! This polish is the perfect shade of reddish-brown, holding enough color to add interest while still remaining subdued and neutral. And it’s also hella cheap, so you’re welcome.

Style: my little denim mini


I’d been on the hunt for a jean skirt for what felt like forever when I found this one in the petite section of Topshop’s website. In general, skirts don’t fit great on me because, well, most things that require a certain amount of height/body don’t fit great on me. So, I decided to trade the disappointment I continually faced in the dressing room for ordering petite sizes online, and it has proven to be a good investment. This skirt looks really great with tucked in t-shirts and cowboy boots. The waist doesn’t fit as well as I’d hoped (it’s a tad too big and the size down was too small), but that’s just an excuse to wear extra cute belts with it! (unfortunately, this particular piece is almost sold out, but Topshop has so many cute denim skirt to choose from!)



Once again, here I am pulling quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic!

Sept. ABSQ quote.png

This quote hits home with me because, at one point in my life, I was almost willing to let my parents spend a ridiculous amount of money for me to go to a music school. It’s a fantastic school, in a fabulous city, and though it could have been a dream turned to reality, I realized very quickly that it was not my destiny after all. However, it was important for me to make it clear to myself that just because I wasn’t going to this music school, didn’t mean that I couldn’t be successful pursuing a career in the music industry as an artist. I may not have gotten to major in songwriting or take classes about the business, but that doesn’t lift my dream any farther out of reach than before. To those of y’all out there who have creative endeavors but are fearful that your lack of official education in the arts makes you less “creatively legitimate”, my message is as simple as what Gilbert writes in her book – throw those insecurities out the window! You are creatively legitimate because God created you with your creative gift, your artistic thinking, and your passion for your craft. Music and art education is a fantastic thing, and I am so grateful that there are so many schools out there that offer such rich programs, but just because you don’t have a degree in your art doesn’t automatically make your art “not as good” or invalid. What you create is valid, because you are valid, and regardless of what you intend to do with your art, you should never feel discouraged to make it.

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post! How are y’all feeling about these ABSQ style monthly favorites? Let me know in the comments below. As always, much love. 

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