Music Monday: fall in love w/ The Lone Bellow

New favorite band alert, y’all!

The Lone Bellow – Brian Elmquist, Zach Williams, and Kanene Donehey Pipkin – PC: NPR article

From the very first time I listened to them, I knew I was going to become a fan of The Lone Bellow. Comprised of songwriter Zach Williams (guitar, lead vocals), Kanene Donehey Pipkin (vocals, bass, and mandolin), and Brian Elmquist (guitar, vocals), the alt-country trio is carried by an Americana feel, soaring harmonies, and memorable hooks. My mind immediately identified them as a mix between The Lumineers and NEEDTOBREATHE (two of my other favorite bands, consequently) with a soft country flare, and Nathaniel Rateliff singing lead vocals. I kid you not, Zach Williams sounds so much like him.

Hailing from Brooklyn, the band started with Zach Williams composing songs inspired by his journal entries, in which he expressed his lamentations over his wife’s health after she became temporarily paralyzed from a horseback riding accident. Subsequently, he decided to pursue his music, and moved to the city with his wife after she had recovered. After performing as a solo act around the area, he eventually collaborated with Brian and Kanene, thus bringing The Lone Bellow into existence. They have recorded three albums, of most recently Walk into a Storm was released on September 15th, 2017.


I’m telling you, if you’re a fan of NEEDTOBREATHE, Lake Street Dive, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Lumineers – I know you’ll like The Lone Bellow! Their music is so strong, so full, and so easy to listen to, without being unoriginal or predictable. It’s cohesive as well, without blending together and all sounding the same. Stephen Thompson, a reviewer and editor at NPR music, said it best, “All the way through, each song is calibrated for maximum ingratiation — a goal it hits with clockwork precision.”

walk into a storm .jpg
Walk into a Storm album art (2017)
then came the monring .jpg
Then Came The Morning album art (2015)
loneee belloww
The Lone Bellow album art (2013) – love the soul in this record!

I would have to say that my favorite tracks so far are “Time’s Always Leaving”, “Come Break My Heart Again”, and “Walk into a Storm”, all from Walk into a Storm. “Watch Over Us” is from Then Came the Morning, and that is another great one. I personally just hit shuffle on their Spotify page, and I’m telling you, their whole catalog is solid. Normally, I discover an artist I initially really like based on a couple of songs, but am disappointed when I am not as big of a fan of the rest of their catalog. With The Lone Bellow, that is certainly not the case! I really encourage y’all to check them out.

PC: Descendent Records

Well, with another Music Monday on the books, I hope y’all have a wonderful week. Stay tuned for my September ABSQ this weekend!

As always, much love, and happy listening. 


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