August ABSQ: summer essentials, my 20th birthday + a new Youtube video!

Isn’t it crazy how times flies? It’s September y’all! And that means one thing’s for sure here on AbundantlyKate – a new ABSQ!

If you haven’t read my first ABSQ post, I’ll link it here. This is my take on monthly favorites. Each month, I will write about my new favorite album, a beauty product or practice I’ve been using, something style/fashion related that I’ve acquired or a trend I’ve discovered, and a quote. Hence, ABSQ. You got me?

But before I get to that…I have a quick favor to ask. I just uploaded a new original song to my Youtube channel and I would so appreciate it if y’all would check it out! I’ll link it here – if you like songs about road trips through the desert and taking inspiration from Joni Mitchell, I think you’ll like this one ūüôā Thanks!

Anyway, it’s time for my August ABSQ!

Let’s jump right in.¬†

August absq header .png

Album: Lillie Mae, Forever And Then Some


I know, I literally just did a post on Lillie Mae like, three days ago. But I have to be honest! Forever And Then Some¬†really is my favorite album for the month. Go check out my Music Monday¬†to read the details. I go into her back story and everything, as well as my favorite songs. She’s just fabulous, I can’t contain myself! So, so good.

Beauty: my summer skin essentials

faceToo Faced Hangover Rx Primer, Revlon Photoready BB cream, Rimmel bronzer


These are my go-to face products. I hate wearing heavy foundation and concealer in the summer, so most days I go for a lighter look to go to work or run errands. The Too Faced primer is incredibly hydrating, and followed by some Revlon BB cream, I can create a natural glow with light coverage. A couple swipes of bronzer, and I’m good to go!

body coconut oil + Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub


I’ve been using coconut oil as a full-body moisturizing treatment for a while now – it’s cheap and a whole jar lasts forever. Once a week or so, I treat my skin to this Soap & Glory shower scrub beforehand, and then use the oil to follow – boom, magic.¬†The scrub also smells so good, which is a plus. However, if you don’t want to use this store-bought exfoliator, you can make one using sugar and olive oil! Just Pinterest it.

Style: western belts from Target




I am very much a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, and these belts are the perfect accessory to spice up my #basic outfits. I had been on the hunt for a western-y belt before I finally came across these babies at Target. They’re affordable and the detailing is so pretty. I initially purchased the brown, and I loved it so much that I went back and got the black! Add these to high-waisted denim and a white t-shirt, and you’ll be good to go.

a look inside the life of Kate – outfit pics in dirty mirrors


August ABSQ

I have this quote taped to my laptop, so that every time I’m trying to write a song or struggling with a blog post, it’s right there, peeking out from under my left wrist as I search for the words to type. It’s taken out of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magican inspirational book all about living out your creative purpose and not being afraid to try. This book is a gold mine of motivational quotes and concepts, and this particular one spoke to me in a very personal way. Here’s a short summary of my everyday life – I send a lot of emails to potential venues for live gigs that I do not get replies to. I’ve played a lot of open mic nights, and I will play more. I’ve sang my music to rooms that were almost completely empty. I currently have nine (fabulous) subscribers on Youtube. There are days where I write great songs, but most days, I don’t. I’m working towards buying a car for myself – today at work, I made $10 in tips.

But, all of that is okay. 

This life is a grind, and this quote reminds me that if I work really, really hard, it will pay off. My dad recently told me that every “no” that I get is simply one “no” closer to a “yes”. That’s why it’s so important to keep pushing. It’s important to remember that nothing worthwhile in this life will be handed to me – I shouldn’t want anything to be handed to me. I want to strive tirelessly, I want to pour my entire self into something, and I want to taste the sweetness of success that I achieve because of the work that I have put in.¬†


I turned 20 on the 29th, and as I reflect back on these last 20 years, I am so grateful. My parents are immensely supportive of me and I know that I am incredibly lucky. There is no room for me to ever throw myself a pity party because I have been blessed too many times for me to count. That is the fuel that pushes me, motivating me to work harder and smarter and longer, believing that I can achieve.

All I can say is, I can’t wait to bloom.¬†

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I really have fun sharing my favorite things with y’all, so please let me know your feedback. Much love, and happy September!¬†


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