This Spring

Last spring, I was eighteen, failing AP Stat, and so ready to graduate. 

Last spring, I hated the idea of staying in my hometown while all of my friends went to college.

Last spring, I spent spring break driving across Tennessee with my mom to make a decision that I knew was already final.

Last spring, everything changed.

A year is quite a long time, but looking back, it feels like nothing more than a blink. May turns to July, July to October, October to February, and all of sudden, we are right back here again. The sun is defrosting, the tips of the daffodils are chasing the light, and a warm breeze is detectable if you pause long enough to let you skin feel it. Spring, once again.

This spring, things are going to be so different, in the most positive sense of the word. Life will be more colorful, sunny days will be brighter, and each moment will taste sweeter than the one before. I am in a new stage of life with incredible possibilities blooming, and I am truly so grateful.

However, I must acknowledge the darker side of the matter – thunderstorms will rain harder, lightening will strike more frequently, and every step I take will bear a greater weight than the one before. Now, there’s no such thing as a baby step. Now, I’m all in, carrying brimming buckets as I go. I suppose this sounds melodramatic, but I think it’s important to recognize that weighting each stage of your life with the drama, passion, and exaggerated honesty that you feel is what adds a sense of urgency and magic to your life. Each day feels more important, and in my opinion, this is what creates success. My goal is to work hard each day, because it’s important to me to make the most of the time I have. That is what this spring is going to be: successful, magical, evolutionary.  

This spring, push yourself, do what you love, and live your life the way you have always wanted.

No more waiting, no more uncertainty – the time is this spring, and this spring is right now.

You can do it.

Much love, 



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