It’s my Blogiversary! + Swamp Queen, my latest read, and exciting news!

Hey friends!

Just like that, we’re almost done with January – anyone else feel like 2017 needs to slow down a little? I feel like we were just getting through the whirlwind of the holidays, and now it’s like Valentine’s Day threw up all over every store I’ve been to in the past week (not that I even mind, I’m actually a huge fan of V Day to be honest.)

Oh and guess what!? In the tornado that is my life, I realized that this week is my Blogiversary!!! A year ago, the very first AbundantlyKate post was published. I remember being so excited, yet nervous, to begin something as vulnerable and creative as a blog. It was odd at first, trying to figure out how to break into the blogosphere, but I sit here today so happy that I took the leap. Thank you to everyone who has continually read my posts, commented such sweet words, and encouraged me in my passion for writing, creating, and of course, coffee. May there be much more AbundantlyKate to come in the future!


Today’s post is a bit of this and that – I have a few random things I’ve been loving that I’d like to share, as well as a special announcement! But first thing’s first:

I have to talk about the Tarte Limited-Edition Swamp Queen palette.





I was lucky enough to receive this baby for Christmas, and man, have I been obsessed. I’m a pretty simple gal when it comes to makeup – crazy colors are not my things. However, this palette gives me the creativity to create a look that is fun and unique without being overdone! I especially love the blush and highlight colors as well, because of course, this girl needs her glow. 

In other news, I have finally gotten back into reading. When I was a kid, I used to read all the time – Harry Potter, to be exact – but eventually, high school forced me to read so much for class that I simply had no desire to read anything for fun anymore. And also, Netflix. Netflix was definitely an influential factor, but can you blame me? I was hooked on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.


But anyway, now that I am not forced against my will to read novels for school, and have been loving reading again! I just finished Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life Of BeesSet in South Carolina in the 1960s, amongst vast racial tension, Lily Owens flees her small southern town after a crazy incident with her nanny/stand-in-mother, Rosaleen, and it’s basically just a super sweet story about Lily discovering the secret of her mother’s death and what having real family actually means. Super cute, honest, and historically reflective of that time period – if that sounds good, I highly suggest you read it! Also, there’s a lil bit of romance sprinkled in there as well, which personally, is always an essential.


Lastly, I wanted to let y’all know real quick about another exciting step in my music journey! In my last post, I revealed to the blogosphere that I am a singer/songwriter, and that right now I am in the process of recording my first EP, comprised of my original music! Yay!

So many of y’all have been so sweet and encouraging, so I wanted to go ahead and throw it out there that I have officially made my artist page on Facebook! Though this is yet another small step, it is one step further in the process towards my EP and building my career. I will link it here – please go like, share, poke around, and let me know! I will be sharing all of the information about the EP, future shows, etc. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram because that’s fun too 🙂 My website is in the works, and I will definitely let y’all know when it’s rolling!

Well, that’s all I have for today y’all. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

Much love, 


2 thoughts on “It’s my Blogiversary! + Swamp Queen, my latest read, and exciting news!

  1. I love your blog …it is so sweet and fresh. I started following as I saw that you were a WCA graduate and was curious to know more about your success . What year did you graduate from Willianaburg Christian Academy? I am the marketing Cordinator at the school and We love to reconnect with Our alumni!!

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