Coffee Talk: The Work That Is Worth It

I know that I’ve been posting more Coffee Talks lately. To be honest, it’s simple because I’ve been thinking so much more about my life, my future, and what is to come.

As some of you may have read in my previous Coffee Talk, I decided to take a year off, instead of going to college straight after high school. Even though I still live with my parents and do not yet bear the weight of financially supporting myself, I feel as though I have started to get a taste of what it means to an adult. This week, I worked six days at the restaurant where I waitress, far more hours than I am accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong – I’m totally thankful for the shifts that I get and the money that I earn, but it is definitely different to wake up every morning and go to work, not school. I love my job and my colleagues, but I am still getting used to this new routine. I have always enjoyed work, but as I have had the opportunity to work more, I find myself thinking, “man, can I go home yet?” more often.

Other than my waitressing job, I have also been doing a lot of “work” on my dreams and aspirations that I have set out to pursue during my gap year. Figuring out what I want to do, pushing myself, dragging out of bed in the morning and starting another day. This year is not meant for me to catch up on Netflix, go shopping, and sleep in more. This year is meant for me to do something meaningful with my time, creativity, and effort. It’s been tough, I am not going to lie. It’s scary to think about where I want to be ten years from now. How will I get there? How do I become successful? Can I even do this? Self-doubt creeps in, especially in my weak moments when my “work” has become tedious and tiresome. How much farther can I push myself? How much harder can I hustle?

This is definitely not easy, but I have realized that I need to focus on the work that is worth it. I am not just spinning my wheels; I get out of bed every morning for a reason, and that reason is enough to keep me going. This exhausting, mind-bending, emotional, difficult, back-breaking work – it’s all going to be worth it. And I will hold on to that.

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Y’all, it’s time to hustle. Have a fabulous Friday!

Much love, 


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