19 Things I Learned By The Time I Turned 19

Hey y’all! 

Today is my nineteenth birthday! To celebrate, I decided to put together a post talking about nineteen of the most important things that I have learned so far. It’s crazy for me to already be starting my last year as a teenager and moving towards the gaping abyss that is my twenties. I feel that I have experienced a lot in the last few years, and I want to share with y’all my reflection on the last nineteen years of my life, and what they have brought me. I hope y’all can relate – enjoy!

19 Things I Learned By The Time I Turned 19

1. Don’t go overboard with eyeliner. Just don’t do it.

2. When you have a gut feeling about something or someone, listen to it.

3.  Believe it or not, most of your life is not about you. Serve others, do good, and recognize that there is more going on in the world than your own personal problems.

4. Eat your vegetables, even when you don’t want to.

5. Help your parents out – picking up around the house, washing dishes, running errands. They do too much for you to not give anything back.

6. Agree to disagree – you will meet lots of people who do not share your opinions, but you should still show respect towards those people.

7. In time, broken hearts do heal.

8. Success is relative, and your success may look different than someone else’s – still be proud of what YOU have accomplished.

9. Push yourself to try new things with new people. As the saying goes, life starts outside your comfort zone.

10. Do NOT display your personal drama on social media.

11. Show kindness and grace towards everyone, even when they do not show it towards you.

12. Talk about your feelings, instead of bottling everything up inside. If you don’t express how you feel, your emotions WILL eventually boil over.

13. Get your work done on time. Save yourself the stress and the sleep-deprivation of trying to meet last minute deadlines.

14. Spend less time worrying about the bad things that might happen, and focus more on the good things that might happen!

15. Don’t judge someone based on what other people say about them.

16. Girl, budget your money. You don’t need another romper or Panera twice a week.

17. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. Do not change yourself to live up to the expectations of others. Being yourself is the only way to find real friends and build genuine relationships.

18. Do not be afraid to relentlessly pursue the dreams and desires of your heart, and always believe that you are strong enough to achieve them.

19. Above all else, choose happiness.

There are some many stories I could tell y’all about my teenage years – starting a new school, first love, heartbreak, senior year, making decisions I never thought I would make, changing the direction of my life. I am not the girl that I was walking into high school for the first time, or at the beginning of my senior year, or even when I decided to start AbundantlyKate – I have changed and grown and blossomed so much since those times, and I know that I am going to continue to learn as I embark into the world as nineteen year old Kate. The best is yet to come. 

Thank you for listening.

Much love, 


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