My Summer Heat Essentials

Hey y’all! 

It is hot. Hot. In my part of the United States, the highest temperature has not dropped below 85 in days, probably even weeks. This heat ensues frizzy hair, “dewy” skin (sweaty skin, if we’re being honest), and if you’re me, constantly chugging water. I feel like I’ve begun to tolerate the boiling temperatures, but not without the help of my summer heat essentials! This crazy heatwave has inspired me to show y’all what I use to keep myself a little cooler and more comfortable in weather as heated as this. Disclaimer: these photos are not nearly as pretty as I would’ve hoped, but as I was shooting them outside in the heat, my artistic vision was blurred by the amount I was sweating, and the horrendous mosquito bites I was getting. Oh, the things I do for aesthetic. I promise they will be better next time!

My Summer Heat Essentials


1. My trusty S’ip by S’well bottle.

I LOVE this thing. I picked it up from Target a couple of months ago, and I swear I have used it every day since. It keeps my water cold for hours, and has been especially perfect for these boiling summer days. I took it with me on my Florida trip in June, and it was fabulous!  I stuck it directly in the sand next to me while laying on the beach, and my drink stayed cool the entire time. If you’re looking for a solid water bottle, I highly recommend a S’well! Get it here.


2. Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen.

Firstly, I would like to throw one piece of info out there: everyone needs to wear sunscreen. I don’t care how dark your skin is or how easily you tan, sunscreen is vital for your health. Since I have light skin, sunscreen has always been a must. I’ve recently been loving this Coola mineral sunscreen that my grandma gave me before I went to Florida. It’s SPF 30, organic, and has an amazing smell (Citrus Mimosa, to be exact). I know a lot of people don’t like to wear sunscreen because of the odor, but great-smelling products like this offer no excuses! Please, please wear sunscreen. Your skin will thank you later.


3. Chacos!

My friends, whether you like them or not, Chacos are some of the best shoes ever made. These are the Z/2 Classic style, in the print “Florist”, which you can buy here. What I love about them is that they are an athletic sandal that can be styled with so many different looks. I wear my Chacs with t-shirts and leggings all the time, but I’ve also found that they look adorable with boyfriend jeans and neutral tank tops. Versatile, comfortable, and oh so  cute, Chacos have got it all.


4. An everyday fragrance.

As I said in my disclaimer above, this photo had TERRIBLE quality, and I apologize. Anyways, this is my much-loved  Viva La Juicy fragrance, which is sadly almost gone. I believe I’ve had this gem since middle school, and it has been one of my favorites for a very long time. In regards to the heat, I think it is importance to have fragrance that you love to wear, because if you’re hot, you want to at least smell good. You can’t control the weather, but you can be sure that you’re prepared to look and smell fabulous, regardless of the temperature.


5. Coconut oil!

Last but not least, I want to touch on one of my new favorite natural beauty products – coconut oil! I started using this stuff in June after getting a nasty sunburn while I was in Florida. Coconut oil naturally calms and heals burns overnight, and was a lot of help to me when I, you know, looked like a lobster. I’ve also found that coconut oil is an awesome body moisturizer on its own, and I have started to use it a few times weekly to make my skin extra smooth and baby-soft. And the best part? It is so cheap, and you can get it almost anywhere. Boom.



I hope y’all enjoyed this post! What do you use to keep yourself fresh and fabulous during the summer months?

Stay beautiful and stay cool!

Much love, 


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