Coffee Talk: The Importance of Service

Often, I forget how good it feels to serve others. 

I think that, in this life, constantly bustling, jumping from deadline to deadline and place to place, it is so much easier to get caught up in the material things. I am a huge to-do list person. I make lists for almost everything, and I get pretty down on myself if I don’t follow through. Day-to-day life seems to be about doing more, making more, getting more – but one of the most critical things to remember is that serving others is just as important as serving yourself. I know that not everyone may agree with me, depending on their perspective, but I really do believe that this is a universal truth.

Last week, I had the privilege of serving at my church as a Vacation Bible School leader for preschoolers, and the experience was so much more rewarding that I could have ever imagined. I’ve been on missions trips working with homeless people and under-priviledged kids, but I’ve never dreamed that serving in my own hometown, in my own environment, would have the same impact on my mind and my heart. Watching my kids respond to the songs, games, and dances at VBS brought me so much joy, and the emotional attachments they expressed towards me as the week went on showed me that I can have a large impact on their lives, whether that means singing the songs with them or holding their hand as we moved from station to station. The week that I spent with these kids reminded me of how crucial it is to be able to step back from my everyday life and put the needs of others before my own. Of course it feels good to focus on myself and my to-do lists, but it feels priceless to be able to give up that time in order to pour into the lives of others – absolutely priceless.

My encouragement to any of y’all reading this today is to do something to serve. You don’t have to go on a huge international missions trip or even leave your community – help is needed everywhere. I promise that the love and service you give to those in need will impact you just as much as it impacts them. That, I know for a fact.

Much love, and happy serving. 



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