Travel With Me Pt. 1: Panama City Beach + Seaside, FL

Hey y’all!

Summer is here (finally!), and I have had the privilege of spending my first week following the end of my senior year on a road trip to the beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida! My sweet friend Sydney invited me to go along with a group of gals pals down for the week, and it has been nothing short of wonderful. Having never been to Florida before (I know, shocker), it has been absolutely amazing to see this part of the United States. The ocean is so blue, the air is so sweet, and the swaying palm trees give relaxation a whole new meaning. Pure happiness. 

With the abundance of places I visited, pictures I took, and fun that I had, this travel blog will be split into two parts: our visit to PCB and Seaside, FL, as well as our day trip to Savannah, GA on the way back home! I also purchased a few adorable pieces, so I am going to do a travel haul post so I can show y’all what I got. I enjoyed every moment of the experiences I had, and I want to share everything. Enjoy!

A Week in Panama City Beach

We stayed at the Pinnacle Port Resort in PCB, which was absolutely stunning. I have never seen so many palm trees!




Top // similar, similar            Bottoms // Victoria’s Secret 

My usual routine when I go to the beach is tan, nap, flip, repeat, so I was quite surprised by the amount of time I spent in the water! The only beaches I’ve ever gone to have had dark, can’t-see-my-feet water, but this water was the clearest, bluest, most beautiful water I have ever seen. I could not stay away!


Phillip’s Inlet


One of my favorite things was our walks up and down the beach. I collected so many shells for DIY projects that will capture all of our sweet memories during the trip.

IMG_2267Top // similar, similar       Hat // Target      Shorts // similar      Sunnies // Charming Charlie

Also, the greenest seaweed I have ever seen!

Another great memory from this trip was getting my first henna tattoo! There’s this great little shopping/entertainment center called Pier Park down on the end of the beach with lots of awesome shopping and food, as well as street vendors that do everything from henna tattoos to hair wraps to piercings! All of my friends and I decided to get henna, and if I’m being completely honest, I kind of want to get a little tiny real mermaid tattoo because I loved mine so much.




One-piece // Pacsunmy new favorite suit!


By far the most beautiful and breathtaking thing of all was the sunsets over the beach. I have never actually watched the sun completely disappear over the horizon, and it is absolutely amazing to physically watch it sink down into nothing. There are no words.




A Quick Trip to Seaside 

Granted, we were only in Seaside for a few short hours, but its beauty and charm is too sweet not to share! Situated on the coast only twenty minutes down from the main drag of PCB, Seaside is the most adorable little beach town I have ever been to in my entire life – and I am not exaggerating. Vibrant beach cruisers, quaint food trucks, and a no-shirt required policy describes Seaside perfectly. I couldn’t get enough.



It was like we were in a movie – everything was so perfectly positioned that I could not help but snap some photos.



The photo above depicts the most adorable little fashion bazaar off of the beach. I ended up purchasing two t-shirts that I am going to post when I do my travel haul, but I loved everything that I saw.




Nothing short of beachy bliss. Aside from the terrible sunburn that I got (reapply, I repeat, REAPPLY), I enjoyed every moment of my first trip to Florida and the sweet friends I got to share it with.

Stay tuned for part 2, our day trip to Savannah!

Much love, 


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