Life Update: Where I’ve Been

Hey y’all! It’s been so long!

Man, the last few months have been a whirl wind. For those of y’all that don’t know, I am getting ready to graduate from high school in just a few short days, and life has been crazy lately. The end-of-the-school-year shenanigans combined with my own brimming schedule has really taken up the majority of my focus, my time, and my energy, therefore pushing blogging to the back burner.

But, not to fear! I still have plenty of words, ideas, and little life inspirations that I totally want to share with y’all. The last few months of my senior year have really been a time of reflection in which I’ve learned a lot about myself, my passions, my fears, and my dreams for the future. I feel that I’ve made a lot of “big life” decisions very recently, and had a lot of “big life” realizations, if that makes sense. I’ve learned that it’s okay to break the status quo and change your life’s direction, without being afraid of what the repercussions might be. The chances of life actually going the way it is planned are so slim, so indefinite, and completely unpredictable, and that is why I have found that it is best to just go with the flow.

Also, I feel like I just need to let y’all know that I am now obsessed with Jane the Virgin. I seriously don’t know how much longer I can wait until the second season is on Neflix! If you are just as obsessed as I am, don’t be afraid to holler at me and we can lament over the season one finale together. Anyways, among new favorite shows and other things, I’ve also become a fan of S’well water bottles, HIIT workouts, super cute one-piece bathing suits, and oldies music. I’m listening to my “Georgia On My Mind” Pandora station as I write this, as if I’m being honest (which I always am), Etta and Ella and Ray and Percy hit my soul in a way that just can’t be explained. Music is magic, so that’s what it must be.

So, there’s my little rant on the last few months of my life – here’s a few snapshots. 





With that, I guess my whole goal through this post is to say that AbundantlyKate is still alive and well! Expect more little rants, OOTDs, favorites, and more coming  whenever the inspiration hits just right : )

Much love, 


P.S. – In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been playing around with my color palette and blog format, so let me know what y’all think!







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