Flat Lay of the Day + Spring Inspirations

Hi y’all!

Man, life sure is full these days. I’m currently on spring break, so I though I’d update y’all! No, I am not anywhere sandy or even remotely tropical, but I believe in making the best of free time, and so this spring break is all about productivity! Between scholarship essays, jam sessions, and manicure breaks, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. My bed has been covered in papers the last few days, among other things, so I snapped a quick flat lay this morning. I just painted my nails this adorable color from Maybelline called “Pink & Proper”, and it’s perfect spring shade! This time of year, pastels are a must, especially when it comes to polish. I’ve also broken out my trusty pink Vineyard Vines hat, which has become a spring staple since I purchased it last year. I’ll link a similar one here!  Anyways, today I took a break today from my essays to venture out into the (abnormally cold) April weather for a lunch date with my sweet friend Elly, and my hat was definitely a good decision. The mixture of wind and pollen kind of knocked me out, to say the least. But regardless, today was simply wonderful, and spending time outside in nature reminded me just how beautiful this world truly is (even if spring allergies make me want to take a whole box of Claritin). The sky is so blue, the flowers are so bright, and friendship just makes afternoons like this that much better. It is honestly inspiring. Even though I still have a ton of stuff to do, getting out of the house and taking some time away from the work feels so good. My mind feels refocused and my soul feels full! I suppose that’s just what spring does to you. Today has taught me that whether you are spending your spring break on the beach, or on your Macbook, take advantage of the beauty in front of you. There is always something good to appreciate. 

Here are a few inspiring snaps – I hope y’all enjoy!







The cutest little bottle I have ever seen!


Much love, 


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