Coffee Talk: Caught Up In Aesthetic

I love the word “aesthetic”, and that’s a good thing, because our world sure is full of it. 

Aesthetic is defined by having or relating to art or beauty. Being a new member of the blogging community, I have found that everything is about aesthetic. Colors, shapes, presentation, lay-out – all of those factors encompass a well-developed blog post that catches readers’ eyes and makes them want to explore. Photography, interior design, fashion, and magazines are all types of art that pine to be aesthetically-pleasing, because in the end, they’re all centered around one thing: how things look on the outside.

Don’t get me wrong, I feed off of aesthetic. It’s not a bad thing. I am an incredibly visual person, and that shows through my creativity and love for organization. Honestly, I could sit and scroll through pictures of clothing all day long, because fashion is something that I love and something that inspires me. I think that art and originality are wonderful elements that drive the creativity of life, but my question here is, what happens when we get too caught up in achieving aesthetic?

Our world today teaches us that the only thing that matters is what’s on the outside. A female celebrity is idolized because she is pretty. An Insta-famous socialite is praised because of their fabulous life captured through meticulously edited photos. The best thing a girl can do these days is master the art of contouring her face. Once again, don’t get me wrong – Selena Gomez is beautiful and I’m honestly obsessed, I have a thing for artsy Insta pictures, and I too have fallen in love with contouring, but none of these things should represent what it means to have a fulfilled life because they do not represent what life actually looks like. At the end of the day, the makeup washes clean, the filters are turned off, and we’re left with nothing but straight reality. There’s nothing we can do to position things perfectly, and there’s no magic eraser that blurs out the smudges all over our lives on the days that no one is looking. Everything is as it is in reality, and sometimes, there’s nothing aesthetically-pleasing about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching.

My point is saying all of this is simple: do not get too caught up in aesthetic. Art is beautiful and beauty is magical, and it’s perfectly acceptable to want things to look perfect, feel perfect, sound perfect, etc., but perfection is not everything. A life worth watching is so much more than what is seen through the lens, it is what is behind the scenes, what it took to get it there, and the mistakes that were made along the way. True aesthetic is not only the end product, but also the journey that was taken to reach it. Be creative, do what you love, and remember that you are more than your aesthetic.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Much love,




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