DIY Cards!

Hi y’all!

Guess what! A new DIY!

I am so excited about the project I have to share with y’all today. It has taken me a little while to get this post together, this week has been crazy busy, but finally, here it is! It might take a little bit of extra artistic creativity and complexity, but it is so fun much fun to do! Drum roll please…

DIY Cards!


Birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards, just because cards…this DIY allows you to make absolutely anything you desire! It’s also a great way to personalize gifts for others and show off your individual, creative style. The construction of the actual card is very easy, and from there you can run with practically any idea you’d like. Today, I have three super cute and easy card ideas to get your hands moving and your creative juices flowing. I hope y’all enjoy!

PS: Sorry the lighting is a little weird in some of the pictures, I had to beat the sunset!

First Thing’s First: Making the Cards

What You Will Need:IMG_9807

  • construction paper in colors of your choice (left)
  • white sticker paper (right-sticky on one side, paper on the other)
  • paper slicer (or scissors if you have a steady hand!)
  1. We start with the sticker paper! Peel off the yellow film covering the stickiness and lay the sticker paper sticky-side-up (of course) in front of you. Then, take a sheet of construction paper and, as precisely as you can, stick it on top of the sticker paper. Smoothe it down from the corners inward so that there are no wrinkles in the construction paper.
  2. Now get out your paper slicer and line up your sticker construction paper sheet so that you can evenly slice off the excess construction paper hanging over the sides of the sticker paper. Then, slice your sticker construction paper evenly in half so that you have two rectangles.IMG_9818


  3. Finally, fold each card in half hamburger-style, lining up the corners as precisely as you can, and voila! You have two cards.IMG_9828


Repeat this as many times as your want with different colors of construction paper until you have as many cards as you would like. Now, it’s time to do the fun stuff!


Card Inspiration #1: “Eye” Appreciate You

What You Will Need:


  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun
  • Sharpie or calligraphy pen (pictured below)
  1. On this card, we start from the inside out. I’ve found that it is easiest to do the lettering if I write it on the inside before I do anything to the front cover of the card. So, take you card, grab you calligraphy pen, and get to work. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the lettering by hand, you can type it in an artsy font, print it off, and then trace it onto the card. It will look great either way!FullSizeRenderIMG_9894
  2. Now, close your card so that you are looking at its front cover. Take a pencil and mark two dots roughly one inch apart from each other vertically. These will act as your guide to place your googly eyes. Don’t forget to plug in your hot glue gun! Once your glue gun is hot, take two googly eyes (the bigger the better in my opinion) and glue one on top of each pencil mark you made earlier. Make sure they are as even and symmetrical as possible.IMG_9836IMG_9837IMG_9892

Then, voila – you have your “Eye” Appreciate You card!



Card Inspiration #2: Pop Some Bubbly

What You Will Need:IMG_9840

  • gold glitter paper
  • silver metallic pen
  • hot glue gun
  • hole puncher
  1. First, take your metallic silver pen to write the lettering on the front of the card. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable lettering it yourself, you can print it off in the font of your choice and trace over it. IMG_9844IMG_9846
  2. Next, grab your glitter paper and your hole puncher and pop out a ton of little hole-punch circles. These will be the “bubbles”! Then simply hot glue them randomely all over the front of the card around the lettering.IMG_9851IMG_9854

And then you have your final product, Pop Some Bubbly!IMG_9896


Card Inspiration #3: You Deserve A Balloon

What You Will Need:IMG_9860

  • glitter paper
  • hot glue
  • silver metallic paint
  1. Start by taking your metallic paint and painting the ribbon of the balloon and the little girl holding it – or whatever it is that you’d like to put on your card! As I have said, this is your time to be creative. You can also do this with the metallic sharpie if that is more comfortable.IMG_9859IMG_9863
  2. Next, take your glitter paper and cut out a heart from it. I did it by hand, but you can use a stencil or a heart-shaped paper puncher if you have one. Then, apply hot glue to the back of the heart.IMG_9866IMG_9867
  3. Finally, set the heart at the top of your balloon ribbon, and press down gently. Then go back in with your calligraphy pen and do the lettering!

And there you go – You Deserve A Balloon!IMG_9898



I hope y’all enjoyed this DIY. Get inspired and have a wonderful week!

Much love, 



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