How To Get Organized: 6 Quick Tips

Hey y’all!

Can you believe it? Today marks the start of my LAST SEMESTER of high school. I’m sure some of you reading this can relate – high school has flown by so quickly! I remember being a little baby freshman who was so, so nervous about my first day; I hardly knew anyone and so starting high school was actually a pretty rough experience for me. However, here I stand, almost four years later, and I can say that I have survived. Just know that whether you’re struggling with friends, grades, or high school in general, I promise you, it will get better.

Now, I am a senior, and I would be lying if I said that senioritis hasn’t caught up with me. It totally has. I’m kind of a freak when it comes to organization and keeping up with my responsibilities, but senioritis has still made quite an effect on my motivation to get stuff done. So today, I want to share with y’all six quick tips that I use to help myself get organized and stay on track. Enjoy!


Tip #1: Get a planner and/or a wall calendar

Planners have been getting me through school since sixth grade. No joke. If you want to get organized quickly and effectively, getting a planner is your first step! I write everything down in my planner so that I can stay as “on top of it” as possible – dates, events, assignments, to-do’s – EVERYTHING. The planner and wall calendar I have currently are pictured below. The planner is from Lilly Pulitzer and it is the best one I have ever owned! It comes with stickers, an address book, and a notes section – so convenient! I picked up the wall calendar from Target for only $10, and I have been loving it. Wall calendars are great because they allow your to view your entire month and plan accordingly – plus, they’re also an adorable accessory to add to your bedroom wall!



Tip #2: Make lists!

I don’t know how I would survive the busiest days of my weeks without making lists. They’re so helpful in keeping track of what I haven’t gotten done, what I have gotten done, and what I need to get done in the future. They also make trips to Target a lot easier, and let me tell you, I buy A LOT of stuff at Target. Simply write down exactly what you need to do or get on a handy little notepad (like this adorable one I got in the Target dollar section), throw it in your purse, and go!



Tip #3: Keep track of dates and deadlines

I can’t stress how important this is – get into the habit of knowing dates and deadlines as quickly as you can, because it will help you with so much in the future. Keeping track of test dates, when projects are due, application deadlines, knowing when to RSVP – it’s all so important and will make your life so much easier! You will have lower stress levels and feel more in control. As soon as you know a date, write it down!


Tip #4: Buy cute pens!

CUTE PENS. I love love love cute pens. This is kind of a goofy tip, but I believe that if you write stuff down in certain colors and styles, it will stick out to you more and you will remember it more easily. My favorite colorful pens are the PaperMate Flair felt tip pens – so cute and so easy to write with! I’ve also been loving the Sharpie metallic markers. I am a huge fan of metallics, especially gold, and these are perfect! I write on my wall calendar with them and they add a little extra style that is too cute not to love.


Tip #5: Prioritize your time

Netflix is great, but trying to finish your paper at midnight? Not so great. This is where prioritizing comes in. Think about what you need to get done vs what you want to get done. More often than not, what you need to get done must come first, for the sake of your own stress level, success rate, and even sleep cycle. It’s easy to become the queen of procrastination when you’re neck deep in a Gossip Girl marathon, but the fact is, Chuck Bass can’t help you in the long run – getting your work done can! Get in the habit of prioritizing your tasks and getting the important stuff done sooner rather than later. And the best part? The fun stuff will still be there once you’re done. Hellooo Nate Archibald!



Tip #6: Be your own Encouragement!

Lastly, and possibly my favorite tip – encourage yourself. I love to write  my favorite quotes in script (with my cute pens from tip #4!) and post them around my room. I also love having motivational backgrounds on my laptop screen because they serve as a constant reminder to make my time and my energy count. I found this cute chalk board (pictured below) from the dollar section of Target, and I hung it right next to my door so that every time I’m on my way out, I see some uplifting words that encourage me in for my upcoming day. It’s also just as easy to pick up some cute sticky notes and do the same with them. No matter what method you use, remember that encouragement is key!



I hope these tips help y’all in any way that they can! Have a wonderful semester!


Much love, 


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