Snowmageddon: Will Your Fashion Sense Survive?

Hi everyone!

I don’t know about y’all, but snow is piled outside my window right now. Finally, the winter weather has hit Virginia, as well as a good part of the South in general. It has been snowing continuously since Friday morning, and the inches just keep coming down! Normally, I don’t like to be out in the snow; I’ve found that it’s much more enjoyable to stay inside with Netflix and tea and look at the snow through the window (it’s just as pretty but you can still feel your face). However, I never pass up an opportunity to take cute photos, and snow is the perfect backdrop. So, I’ve put together a few outfits incorporating winter weather pieces that are essential to survive this Snowmagedden, while keeping fashion sense in tact. These are a collection of some of my favorite clothing items that have kept me warm and stylish all winter long. Enjoy!

(PS Thank you to my amazing mom who stood out in the cold and took pictures for me)

Snowmageddon Collage

Look #1: Pom Pom Hat and Hunters





Rain Boots: Hunter Boots (my FAVORITE)

Fuzzy Socks: Target

Pullover: thrift store

Infinite Scarf: H&M

Beanie: Talbots

Look #2: The Tassel Scarf 








Tassel Scarf: (adorable independent boutique, check them out!)

Fake Uggs: Target (great alternative to the original Uggs)

Pullover: thrift store (brand new Izod – you really can find AWESOME stuff at thrift stores)

(same leggings and fuzzy socks as first outfit – they are winter staples!)

Look #3: Herringbone and Patagonia




Pullover: Patagonia

Vest: J.Crew

Look #4: Cable-knit and Crystals





Cable-knit sweater: once again, THRIFT STORE

Rain Jacket: North Face

Necklace: J.Crew (the best statement necklace I’ve ever owned!)

Hat: Captivating Headwear (ROLL TIDE)


I hope y’all enjoyed! Stay warm and stay fabulous!

Much love, 


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