Coffee Talk: Welcome to the World, AbundantlyKate

I never thought I would start a blog. But here I am.

Being a high school senior, the world feels like it’s moving so quickly. Time is absolutely of the essence, and yet I’ve felt recently that I’ve been spending my time in the wrong ways. I have so much ideology and creativity inside me, so many dreams that I’ve wished I would pursue, but have never actually reached for. As the wasted time has gone by, I’ve realized that I need an outlet, a place in which I can express myself usefully, creatively, and passionately.

My purpose in creating AbundantlyKate is to give myself that place in which all my passions can blossom. The word “abundance” is defined as a large amount of something, an ample quantity, a relevant degree of plentifulness. The idea of abundance sounds so fulfilling, so attractive, but it doesn’t specify what to be abundant in. That is where it is up to me. It is up to me to choose what I want to be abundant in my life, and I suppose that is part of the magic of it.

So today, I am challenging myself and anyone reading this to start living abundantly. Abundantly in happiness, abundantly in laughter, abundantly is courage, and abundantly in love. Live abundantly in any way that you can, because you won’t realize how quickly your life has passed by until it’s gone. Cherish moments, experience life, and live each day with gratitude and graciousness. Don’t miss it.

So, without further ado, welcome to the world, AbundantlyKate. The best is yet to come.

Much love,


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